How to keep marine fish.
To care for a marine aquarium is much more difficult than freshwater. The reason for this is that in nature, fish have evolved in relatively constant conditions of environment. Therefore,…

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The biggest fish
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(Carassius s. Cyprinus auratas) - belongs to the carp family (Cyprinidae) and is considered by some researchers a variation of crucian carp (Sagai vulgaris s. carassius). Since ancient times cultivated…

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Fish for pond, fish in the garden pond

Fish not only enliven the garden pond and eat the mosquito larvae and other insects. It should be noted that their presence does not affect the purity of the pond.

When choosing a fish species should be guided by the size of the reservoir.

For example, koi need space not less than 7.5 m 2. In addition, they are harmful to the plants-oxygenators.

Requires less space Golden Orff, she’s had enough of the pond with an area of 3.5 m 2. This beige-pink fish, graceful and active. Maximum its body length 50 cm, but it rarely reaches such dimensions.

For a very small pond like a goldfish or shubunkin.

The first one has a dark Golden color. Its varieties differ elongated waving tail fin.

Shubunkin is easily recognized by its nearly transparent scales and a black, orange, red or white skin.

These species are absolutely not exacting to conditions of detention, only in winter it is necessary to monitor the pond for a long time is not delayed by ice.

The most clearly visible in the pond goldfish, ORF and Rudd, as they almost always are kept at the water surface. When buying fish, you should choose specimens not less than 10 cm in length.

To transport them from the store in a plastic bag with water saturated with a sufficient amount of oxygen. And keep it in a cool dark place.

You should not overpopulate the pond, number of fish should be calculated from the ratio: 0.1 m 2 water surface 2.5 cm of body length of fish. When the density of waterfowl crowded and not enough oxygen for normal life. From the bag of fish directly cannot produce, they need to acclimate. For this purpose it is lowered into the pond, cover with newspaper and leave for 1 – 2 hours. Then untie the package and release the fish.

As for feeding, it is important not to give too much food. With appropriate aquatic plants fish are quite able to take care of themselves. Fertilize only in spring and summer – in the frames of their special activity. Feeding should be once a day, and not drowning the food. After 10 minutes, the uneaten portion should be removed from the surface of the water.

Often in the loss of fish blame the cats, but the most bitter of their enemies are herons and some aquatic insects: grabiak, larvae of dragonflies, beetle beetles. Also, the cause of death of fish could become overpopulated pond.

In addition to fish in the pond can dilute and amphibians: newts, frogs, toads. In this case, the Bank should make gentle and provide stones and logs, where they will be able to shelter animals in winter hibernation. Also it is recommended to plant some marsh plants.

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